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BST-3 Single Head Computerized Quilting Machine

Quilt coverlet, bedcover, sponge, leather and so on.
Main Specifications:
Machine Area : 3.4m x 5.5m Rotary Hook : Big Rotary Hook
Max quilting area: 2.4m x 2.6m Max Rotate speed: 2000RPM
Needle Model : MR3.0-5.0 Power: Single-phase 220V 50HZ
Stitch Length: 2mm-8mm Total power: <2kw
1.The frame moves along X axis, and the girder moves along Y axis.
2.The head can be turned 450 to put the frame in. 
3.Automatic lubrication system for sewing head and hook base(optional).
4.Using special technology, the quilt can't be broken.
5.Using good quality hardware and software, the right- angle, sharp-angle and circle can be well quilted.
6.As employ timing belt, keep the design correctly。
7.Zoom the pattern by 1cm step.The stitch length can change.
8.pattern effect display, processing locus display, needle auto-lifting, auto-stop when thread-breakage, etc.
9.Quilting pattern storage: about 200 patterns kept in the computer, also can read from USB, the pattern file is .dst.
10.If shut off electricity, program would be kept in the computer,retreat requiting, back tack.