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BSTS6-S Series single head high speed computerized quilting machine

Model BSTS6-26S BSTS6-28S BSTS6-30S BSTS6-32S BSTS6-35S
Quilt Size 2.6m×2.8m 2.8m×3.2m 3.0m×3.2m 3.2m×3.5m 3.5m×3.5m
Needle Drop Size 2.4m×2.6m 2.6m×3.0m 2.8m×3.0m 3.0m×3.3m 3.3m×3.3m
Machine Needle SINGER / SCHMETZ / GORZ  MR5 16~21#
Quilting-thick 1500g/m²
Quilting Speed 500~2800SPM
Stitch Length 1~15mm
Power AC 220V, 50Hz, 1.5Kw
Weight 1800Kg 1900Kg 2000Kg 2200Kg 2300Kg
1.The head moves along X axis, and the frame moves along Y axis.
2.Using special technology, the quilt can't be broken.
3.Using good quality hardware and software,  the right- angle, sharp-angle and circle can be well quilted.
4.If  shut  off  electricity,  program would  be  kept  in  the computer,retreat requiting, back tack.
5. Adopt two servo control systems to control machine head and rotary box, which help machine make low noise and little vibration.
6. The linear guide is used to move machine quilting head and rorary box, which enhance precision of the movement.
7.X and Y axis use servo system. The right- angle, sharp-angle and circle can be well quilted.
8. Automatic lubrication for machine head and base ensures reliable operation.
9.Automatic trimmer for under and upper thread is opional, and that function is stable and reliable.
10.needle of machine is cooled, and lubricated by fog.
11. Machine quilting head lifts up and down automatically, which makes frame out and in convenient and improve production efficiency.
12. Double head is optional and improve double efficiency.