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Comparison of the influence of sawtooth cotton gin and rolle

Cotton gin is one kind of cotton processing machinery, and the lint machine is separated from seed cotton. Commonly used two kinds of sawtooth gin and roller ginning machine. The two types of flower machines have their own advantages and characteristics. Next, let's introduce the comparison of the influence of the two types of cotton gin on cotton fiber.
1. The roller cotton ginning machine: because the roller mill has little effect on the cotton fiber, the damage of the cotton fiber is small and the natural form of the raw cotton is kept on the whole. The intrinsic quality of the cotton is kept in the nature of the raw cotton, and there is no big change.
Fiber length: instrument test combined with length of hand pull. The lint length of grade one or two and three is mostly between 30.3mm and 31.5mm.
2. Fiber uniformity: cotton fiber length uniformity index is mostly between 85.5% and 88%.
(3) fracture strength: the breaking strength of cotton fibers is mostly between 27CN / tex ~ 31CN / tex.
Short fiber index: short fiber index is generally between 4.5% and 6%.
2, sawtooth cotton ginning machine: because of the sharp blow of the sawtooth ginning machine to the cotton fiber, the damage of the cotton fiber is great. It not only makes the appearance of the fiber greatly changed, but also has different influence on the inner quality of the cotton fiber.
Fiber length: instrument combined with hand pull length, one or two and three grade lint fiber length is mostly between 29.2mm and 30mm.