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  Part A
  Suppose you are the secretary of the manager of a company.You attended the negotiation between your company and a foreign company.Write a memo of the negotiation.The memo should include:
  1、time and place of the negotiation
  2、participants of the negotiation
  3、content of the negotiation including the agreement reached and differences that still remain
  4、the time for the next negotiation
  Memo From:Cathy
  Subject:Negotiation between Lenovo and IBM
  Today,Lenovo and IBM had a negotiation in Diaoyutai State Guest-house.The participants in the negotiation are the managers of Sales Department,Human Resources Department,and Marketing Department of the two companies.
  They talked about the potential of cooperation of the two companies in the field of high-tech computer products and the possibility of establishing a branch company of IBM in China.On the first problem,the two sides achieved an agreement:IBM will provide the most advanced t——hnology,while Lenovo will take care of marketing and customer service.
  However,on the second problem,the two sides did not reach any agreement.Therefore,on Dec.20,2012,the two sides will hold a second round of negotiation on this issue.'
  Part B
  You might think that good-looking men have every advantage in life.
  But new study suggests being handsome may not always work in a man's favour--at least when it comes to his career.
  The research claims that attractive men are less likely to be given a job in a competitive work-place because they intimidate bosses."It's not always an advantage to be pretty,"says Marko Pitesa,an assistant professor at the University of Maryland."It can backfire if you are perceived as a threat."
  Interestingly,in Pitesa's study,it was male attractiveness in particular,rather than female beauty,that made the most difference.If the interviewer expected to work with the candidate as part of a team,then he preferred good looking men.However,if the interviewer saw the candidate as a potential competitor,the interviewer discriminated in favour of unattractive men.
  The results suggest that interviewers were not blinded by beauty,and instead calculated which candidate would further their own career.
  "The dominant theoretical perspective in the social sciences for several decades has been that biases and discrimination are caused by irrational prejudice,"Pitesa says.
  "The way we explain it here,pretty men just seem more competent,so it is actually subjectively rational to discriminate for or against them."
  On a deeper level,she adds,the behaviour remains irrational,since there's no evidence that a real link exists between looks and competence.
  There might be a common view that good-looking people can take ad-vantages of their superior appearances in the daily life,especially for the pretty men in the job hunting market.However,according to a new re-search,good appearance is no longer been the silver bullet in a job inter-view.
  The results showed that although there was still a preference to cooper-ate with the attractive man and compete against the unattractive man,and did not mind to work with them.However,people were not likely to pick a good-looking man as their potential competitors.
  In my opinion,we should not depend ourselves on our appearance in terms of job hunting.Good appearance may bring us some benefits,but what is highly valued in the job market is our talents and abilities.


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